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Bevel Gearboxes Gear Assembly Kits

QTC offers six types of gear assembly kits. All six types of assembly kits and input / output shafts can be connected.

Assembled Gear Kits
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KGCU-S Spur Gear Kit

Spur Gear Kits

The spur gear kit contains a two-stage spur gear train and allows speed increases / reductions, and includes the most commonly used combinations of gears.

RFQ • KGCU-S • Spur Gears

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KGCU-H Helical Gear Kit

Helical Gear Kits

Helical Gears have more strength than spur gears of the same dimensions and have the advantage of being quite running.

RFQ • KGCU-H • Helical Gears

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KGCU-M Miter Gear Kit

Miter Gear Kits

Use of bevel gears allows the changing of the shaft angle by 90 degrees. Applications include the changing of the direction of power.

RFQ • KGCU-M • Miter Gears

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KGCU-R Rack Gear Kit

Rack Gear Kits

Use of racks enables the conversion of rotation motion to linear motion to linear motion. Applications include devices that provide lift.

RFQ • KGCU-R • Racks

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KGCU-N Screw Gear Kit

Screw Gear Kits

Screw gears are helical gears used in nonparallel and nonintersecting situations. Applications include devices like conveyers with light loads.

RFQ • KGCU-N • Screw Gears

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KGCU-W Worm Gear Kit

Worm Gear Pair Kits

Worm gear pairs can be used to make large reductions in speed in a single phase. The worm gear cannot be driven by the worm wheel due to inherent self-locking.

RFQ • KGCU-W • Worm Gear Pairs

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