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QTC Sponsors the Concordia Baja Racing Team

Custom 4-Wheel Drivetrain

Over the past year our capstone team has been working on a custom 4-wheel drivetrain for the Concordia Baja team. This drivetrain will be used on the latest Concordia Baja Racing chassis, its purpose, to compete at international student competitions against 99 other universities in a multitude of dynamic events, culminating in a 4 hour wheel-to-wheel endurance race. Our new custom drivetrain was designed to reflect new rules that require all competitors to have a 4-wheel drive chassis. Our design consists of both a custom rear gearbox and front differential, both powered using spur and spiral bevel gears from QTC metric gears.

The gears were chosen from the online catalog and fatigue analysis and finite element analysis on contact stress and bending stress were performed. Due to increased hardness of the carburized surface, we were then able to add weight saving features by post machining the gears.

Once parts were machined, we began to test our system. All the gears meshed properly and the backlash in the system was miniscule which was very impressive. The following test was the deflection test where the max load of the system was tested for extended durations and all deflection was as expected and no failures occurred. Our testing culminated with the retro fitting of an old chassis to incorporate our system and a full vehicle test where the Baja was able to accelerate, brake, and turn while being powered by our drivetrain. We are very excited to incorporate it on our newest chassis.

The capstone culminated in the Richard Cheng 1st Overall Design Award and the EDML Manufacturing Award for our complex and extensive manufacturing processes. This project would not have been possible without the support of QTC Metric Gears and Designatronics, whose products quite literally drove our project.

Custom Steering Rack Assembly

Over the past few months, I have been designing a custom steering rack assembly for the Concordia Baja team. The steering rack is the first custom rack that the Concordia Baja will use. The Baja will need to compete in dynamic events such as a maneuverability course, suspension and traction course, and an endurance event.
To maximize our performance, we designed a system with adjustability in the backlash to ensure the rack and pinion would mesh perfectly and there would be no slop in the system, over 25 mm of travel in each direction to navigate the tight low speed corners of the track, and 90 degrees of steering wheel travel to allow the driver an easier time to turn lock to lock.

To achieve all these characteristics, I used a rack and pinion gear from QTC metric gears which were selected by using the fatigue strength formula provided in the catalog. The rack will be modified to allow extension arms to be added the pinion will be broached for a keyway while keeping its surface carburization.
This custom system would not have been possible without the support of QTC Metric Gears and Designatronics, steering us towards a more competitive chassis!

  • Daniel Plescia, Manufacturing Lead, Concordia Baja Racing Team


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